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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Here at Danbury Republican Town Committee, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Political Party Organization upon: support, empowerment, and progress.

Learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes we want to see.


> Best city to live: Danbury
> Population: 85,008
> Median home value: $297,600
> Poverty rate: 8.9% (lowest 25%)
> Adults with at least a bachelor’s degree: 31.3%

Located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, Danbury is one of the most expensive places in the United States. Goods and services cost an average of 30.8% more in the area than they do nationwide. Though the median household income in Danbury is nearly $13,000 higher than it is nationwide, the bigger paychecks are not enough to offset the area’s high cost of living.

Despite the high cost of living, based on a range of socioeconomic measures, Danbury is the most livable city in Connecticut and one of the most livable in the United States. Danbury boasts a higher concentration of restaurants, sports teams, and theater companies than is typical nationwide. For physically active residents, the city also has a relatively high concentration of recreation centers, golf courses, and nature parks.

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* EDUCATION: Key for us to keep our city great. Republicans finally got the state to chip in their fair share to Danbury, which we will see in upcoming years.  We support Charter Schools and excellence in education and serving the communities in need the most...unfortunately we have seen this blocked and our students become political pawns. We are running to help our children and not drive a political career

* FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: The republicans voted for smart spending and refinancing of our high interest rate debt, which saved the city $2M and allowed us to borrow at under 1% because we received our very first AAA debt rating ever (we almost lost as the democrats voted to spend and not refinance)

* PAVING OUR ROADS: We pave 15 miles a year and will continue to work hard to fix our roads. Our infrastructure is critical to our continued success

* SAFETY: While the democrats voted to limit and defund our police, we know that the key to a great city is the safety of every citizen. We support our first responders and the safety of our citizens. We don't play politics with the safety of our residents

* IMPROVING DOWNTOWN - we have already budgeted to make Downtown an amazing place to spend time

* COMMUNITY: We just finished the new Danbury High School multi purpose stadium, serving all of the community. Completed Rogers Park for everyone, have a $99M Career Academy and so much more.

* LOW TAXES: We have and will continue to represent you in keeping our taxes low, bringing in businesses to help our economy grow and making sure Danbury remains one of the best places to live in the state


Keep Our Taxes Low

While Connecticut is known for high property taxes when compared to the rest of the country, the mill rate varies greatly within the state – from 11.59 mills to 74.29 mills for the 2021 fiscal year.   Danbury's mill rate is 27.6 which is lower than 72% of all the mill rates across the state.  Danbury's median home value is higher than 73% of other municipalities in CT.  The fiscal responsibility of the Republicans is what helps Danbury maintain the quality of life and low taxes to which we have become accustomed.

What are Mill Rates?

Mill rates are used to calculate property taxes, with each municipality in charge of setting the mill rate.  This applies to both real estate (homes) and personal property (cars).  The mill levy is calculated by determining how much revenue each jurisdiction will require from taxes to fund its budget for public services. Public services may include things such as public schools, maintaining parks, and continuing other jurisdiction services.

When a jurisdiction generates a figure for its required revenue, it divides the revenue by the total taxable property within an area. The rate of each jurisdiction is then added together to find the mill levy for the entire area.

How to Calculate the Property Tax

Multiply the assessment of the property by the mill rate and divide by 1,000. 

For example, a property with an assessed value of $200,000 located in a municipality with a mill rate of 30 mills would have a property tax bill of $6,000 per year. ($200,000 x 30 mills) ÷ 1,000 = $6,000

Below are the Connecticut mill rates by municipality for the 2021 fiscal year, sorted highest to lowest.  As you can Danbury ranks 122 of 168.  ​


  1.  Hartford  74.29                      85.  Coventry  31.17

  2.  Waterbury  60.21                  86.  Easton  31

  3.  Bridgeport  53.99                  87.  Colebrook  30.9

  4.  Hamden  51.98                      88.  Barkhamsted  30.77

  5.  New Britain  50.5                  89.  North Haven  30.72

  6.  East Hartford  49.92            90.  New Hartford  30.63

  7.  Naugatuck  47.75                   91.   Southington  30.63

  8.  Torrington  46.17                  92.   New Fairfield  30.58

  9.  New Haven  43.88                 93.   East Haddam  30.44

  10.  Derby 43.869                         94.  Cromwell  30.33

  11.  Scotland  42.65                      95.  Deep River  29.99

  12. Norwich  42.06                       96.  Willington  29.99

  13.  West Hartford  41.8               97.  Brookfield  29.65

  14.  Woodbridge  41.53                 98.  North Stonington  29.5

  15.  Meriden  40.86                      99.  Columbia  29.33

  16.  Wethersfield 40.69             100.  Voluntown  29.21

  17.  Plymouth  40.63                 101.  Wallingford  29.19

  18.  Stratford  39.64                  102.  Woodbury  29.17

  19.  Vernon  39.63                      103.  Griswold  29.1

  20.  Granby  39.61                      104.  Southbury  29.1

  21.  Newington  39.28               105.  Union  28.99

  22. Bolton  38.86                       106.  Branford  28.92

  23.  Bristol  38.35                       107.  Brooklyn  28.92

  24.  New London  38.19            108.  New Milford  28.68

  25.  South Windsor  37.88         109.  Suffield  28.64

  26.  Ansonia  37.8                        110. Chester  28.62

  27.  West Haven  37.48                111. East Lyme  28.36

  28.  Simsbury  37.09                   112. Madison  28.35

  29.  Glastonbury  36.9                113. Plainfield  28.33

  30.  Ashford  36.836                    114. North Canaan  28.25

  31.  Windham  36.8                     115. Lebanon  28.2

  32.  Bethany  36.56                      116. Ridgefield  28.12

  33.  Manchester  36.52               117. Harwinton  28

  34.  Hebron  36.33                       118. Farmington  27.97

  35. Marlborough  36.27               119. Waterford  27.87

  36. Thomaston  36.13                  120. Litchfield  27.7

  37. Tolland  36.05                         121. Milford  27.68

  38. Seymour  36                           122. DANBURY 27.6

  39. Beacon Falls  35.9                  123. Hartland  27.5

  40. Middletown  35.8                   124. Wilton  27.4616

  41. Durham  35.78                         125. Somers  27.37

  42. Sprague  35.7558                     126. Bozrah  27

  43. Andover  35.61                        127. Preston  26.9

  44. Monroe  35.48                         128. Fairfield  26.79

  45. Middlebury  35.1                     129. Pomfret  26.76

  46. Bloomfield  35.01                    130. Killingworth  26.72

  47. Ledyard  34.97                         131. Bethlehem  26.71

  48. Stafford  34.93                         132. Canterbury  26.4

  49. Newtown  34.76                       133. Norfolk  25.98

  50. Trumbull  34.74                        134. Windsor Locks  25.83

  51. East Windsor   34.72                135. Canaan  25.7

  52. Plainville  34.62                        136. Eastford  25.61

  53. Portland  34.38                         137. Hampton  25.5

  54. East Haven  34.25                     138. Morris  25.17

  55. Enfield  34.23                            139. Groton  25.11

  56. Berlin  33.93                             140. Westbrook  25

  57. Bethel  33.74                              141. Killingly  24.64

  58. Rocky Hill  33.6                        142. Woodstock  24.5

  59. North Branford  33.58             143. Thompson   24.23

  60. Winchester  33.54                    144. Norwalk  23.956

  61. Burlington  33.3                       145. Oxford  23.84

  62. Cheshire  33.22                        146. Stonington  23.36

  63. East Granby  33.2                     147. Lisbon  23.23

  64. Watertown  33.19                     148. Franklin  23.22

  65. East Hampton  33.14                149. Old Lyme  23.2

  66. Wolcott  33.14                            150. Shelton  22.42

  67. Windsor  33.11                           151. Essex  21.81

  68. Avon  32.9                                  152. Putnam  20.84

  69. Colchester  32.84                     153. Old Saybrook  20.05

  70. Redding  32.84                         154. Lyme  19.95

  71. Orange  32.74                            155. Goshen  19.6

  72. Ellington  32.6                          156. Sherman  19.11

  73. Canton  32.59                            157. Kent  18.61

  74. Chaplin  32.5                             158. New Canaan  18.164

  75. Montville  32.38                        159. Bridgewater  17.5

  76. Weston  32.37                            160. Westport  16.71

  77. Guilford  32.31                           161. Cornwall  16.7

  78. Middlefield  32.23                     162. Darien  16.33

  79. Salem  32.2                                 163. Roxbury  15.8

  80. Sterling  31.94                            164. Sharon  14.4

  81. Haddam  31.69                           165. Warren  14.25

  82. Prospect  31.6                            166. Washington  14.25

  83. Mansfield  31.38                         167. Salisbury  11.6

  84. Clinton  31.25                             168. Greenwich  11.59

                          169. Stamford *25.53-26.35 has multiple mill rates

danbury gop logo_edited.jpg


A Distinct Identity

Welcome to the official online home of the Danbury Republicans! We are dedicated to fighting for fiscal responsibility, limited government, an environment which encourages job creation and job growth, and making sure that America remains the greatest torch for freedom in the world! Here in Danbury, led by Mayor Joseph Cavo, we have put these Republican principles into action.

Danbury Republican Town Committee knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Our Political Party Organization realized that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch Danbury Republican Town Committee.

Michael Safranek, Committee Chairman




Dean Esposito



Daniel Jowdy



Janice R. Giegler



Joan Bielizna



Mary Ann Doran



Dianne E. Yamin




The City of Danbury’s legislative branch is known as the City Council.  The City Council is responsible for governing the management of the city, which includes regulating the operations of all departments and boards. The City Council has the power to create new ordinances, and change or abolish them, in order to provide for a more efficient, safe and economically sound city. The Council consists of twenty-one members, all are residents of Danbury.  There are two elected officials from each ward and seven at-large members, all of whom serve a term of two years. The current Danbury City Council consists of 14 Republicans and 7 Democrats.


Emile G. Buzaid, Jr. (R)

Joseph M. Cavo (R)

Jason “Jay” Eriquez (R)

Michael J. Halas (R)

Michael J. Esposito (R)

Warren M. Levy (R)

Colleen A. Stanley (R)


Irving M. Fox (R)

Michael J. Masi (R)


Vinny DiGilio (R)

Elmer Palma (R)


Jack Knapp (R)

Mike Henry (R)


Farley Santos (D)

Joseph W. Britton (D)


Duane E. Perkins (D)

Fred Visconti (D)


Benjamin Chianese (D)

Paul T. Rotello (D)


Nancy Cammisa (R)

Richard W. Molinaro (D)


Each month the City Council is charged with voting on various agenda items.  Council members spend countless volunteer hours reviewing these items to make informed decisions for the citizens, taxpayers, and stakeholders of the City of Danbury. Despite the state governments continued fiscal upheaval, the City Council was able to pass a balanced $257,000,000 budget while being able to decrease the mill rate by 1.35 mills. The budget also addressed our continued our commitment to our children’s education with a 4% increase to ensure that Danbury’s next generation of leaders receives the funding that they require to remain competitive. With this budget, we have been able to position Danbury on an extremely sound financial footing for years to come as evidenced by our recently awarded credit rating. Throughout the year the Council approves appointments to boards and commissions, and promotions to city departments.


As the legislative body of the City, the City Council is empowered to enact, amend or repeal ordinances. The City Council approves the appropriation of funds, adopts the City’s Operating and Capital Budgets, sets the mill rate, and has overall legislative oversight over the City of Danbury. The City Council shall be vested with the legislative power of the City. The Council, by majority vote with the Mayor’s approval or 2/3 vote with the Mayor’s disapproval, shall have the power to enact, amend or repeal ordinances and to create or abolish by ordinance, boards, commissions, departments, and offices. Every ordinance shall be published within 10 days after enactment. Upon a petition of not less than 15% of the electors of the City filed with the Town Clerk within 30 days after publication of any ordinance, asking that the ordinance be submitted to the voters of the City at the next regular or special meeting, the ordinance shall be submitted and it shall not become effective unless a majority of the voters at such a meeting vote in favor. An ordinance stated to be a public emergency measure shall become effective immediately after publication and no public hearing is required. For a detailed description of the City Council’s responsibilities please refer to the section of the City Charter listed as “The City Council.” 


PO Box 2254
Danbury, CT 06813

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